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African Enterprise COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 pandemic has affected majority of countries in Africa. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa were 189,559 as of 8 June up from 51,000 a month ago. The numbers are growing fast. A new report...

COVID, Africa and Hope

Our global future is nothing like our past. The world is reeling as it wrestles to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic and the economic devastation that lies in its wake. What does this struggle...

COVID-19 in Africa – AE’s response

Before the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, ordinary life was already a struggle for millions across the continent of Africa. Although COVID-19 is yet to hit Africa in full force, inadequate...

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more needed than ever before

Home Based Evangelism The year 2020 started with all our teams prayerfully preparing for their upcoming missions. As COVID-19 was spreading throughout the world, the African Enterprise Evangelistic...

Vulnerable Women Outreach

“I challenge you to abandon the quick money of prostitution,” Marion said, addressing the women from the streets. “Christ can give you everything you need.” The Nakulabye area of Kampala...

Being Salt and light in the most difficult circumstances

"Please pray for this new AE church partner, and for the encouragement of the pastor and his kids as they adjust to this challenging new environment, bringing the word of God to a...

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