We are happy to report that the project fulfilled its objectives for the year; with the main objective being to provide guidance and education to young children on HIV and AIDS. This project empowers church leaders, teachers and student peer leaders who in return educate the school children on the subject of HIV and AIDS. The participatory nature of this program involves the children in designing some of the edutainment activities which create ownership and lasting impact hence the sustainability of this project.

The following activities were performed:

  • Project monitoring visit
  • Religious leaders training
  • Peer leaders training
  • Sports gear support
  • Primary school teachers meetings and training

The young children are supportive and compassionate towards orphans living with HIV and AIDS. The project training has assisted us increase knowledge on HIV and AIDS and nullify negative myths about the epidemic”. (Salome Masanja, Teacher, Busweru Primary School)


Primary school head teachers of Ilemela Municipal Council with project staff after receiving footballs and netballs for their schools.


The project support through provision of sports gear, footballs and netballs, has assisted in reduction of stigma and discrimination among young children. Playing together eliminates social inequalities and erodes out the discrimination among young children”. (Chaha Sabai, Head Teacher, Nyere Primary School)

AEE Tanzania is indeed grateful to AE Australia and all her partners for supporting this project. The project reached 14,368 young children directly in schools and over 10,000 people indirectly through school competitions and community outreach gatherings. The program has transformed the lives of young children as well as adults. Exposure to the right information on the spread of HIV and AIDS has helped reduce the epidemic in Mwanza, Tanzania. The rate of dropping out of school through child pregnancies has reduced by 90%. This is a project that can easily be replicated across the country with availability of funding.