Student Discipleship Program

Student Discipleship Program

Building the Church of Tomorrow, Today


Aside from participation in city-wide missions, the Student Discipleship Program is a critical ministry of the AE Ethiopian team. The basic objective of the Students Discipleship Program is Building the Church of Tomorrow, Today through discipling the next generation. The program has a broad focus, targeting students from grade 5 until young adulthood.

The objectives are:
  • Equipping students to grow in their faith in God, develop a more solid understanding of the Bible and have a desire and ability to reach out to their peers with the Gospel.
  • Training youth in basic leadership skills and equipping them to grow as effective Christian youth leaders in a changing world.

The beauty of the program is that it can be repeated annually. This consistent sowing of Gospel seeds has led many young people to Christ. Christian youth can be reached yearly with new skills and strategies to learn and implement in their own walks with Jesus. Mel’s desire is to see over 20,000 students reached annually. He also has plans to expand the program into other AE nations, and to move south west into South Sudan using the same principles.



Andualem is from Secha, 19 years old, and a 12th grader. He is sportive. He says “I grew up in a non-Christian family. Often my father gets drunk and becomes quarrelsome. I was drawn to Jesus through a friend who attends church. Though my home is in turmoil I have found peace through Jesus. I attended the AE run Students Discipleship Program for three rounds. It has impacted my life greatly. I want to be like David of the Bible who understands the purpose of God and serve him.”

Amare Mola is a college student who used to be a boxer. He says “I was a restless man until I accepted the Lord 3 years ago. I was a quarrelsome person who loved to fight with people. My family did not like me at all. One day I met with a person who told me about Jesus that loves me and died for me. That was a new idea for me. I was immediately changed and even was healed from a long time sickness on my back. I now attend church regularly and participate in a weekly home Bible study fellowship. The people who knew me as a restless man and a fighter couldn’t believe I was such a transformed person, full of smiles.”

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