“Many of the students expressed how much they had appreciated learning to understand the big picture of the bible and its implications for preaching and teaching ministries.”

In August 2016 Tony Spencer taught African Enterprise’s first ever PTC course in Ghana.  In line with recent revisions to AE’s pastor training strategy, the course was planned as preparation for the major mission that was held in the northern town of Kumasi in October 2016. 41 Church leaders and evangelists from churches involved in the mission preparation and delivery were selected to receive training in Biblical Theology 1 and evangelism and follow up using materials from Matthias Media such as 2 Ways to Live and Just for Starters.

Many of the students expressed how much they had appreciated learning to understand the big picture of the bible and its implications for preaching and teaching ministries. They seem to be deeply edified in the gospel through the unit which was a great encouragement.

One older man expressed that he felt a new passion to read and study the bible and that he has wasted many years trying to do so without understanding the big picture and basic interpretive skills.

Another student expressed deep concern at the state of Christianity in Australia.  He had been kept awake praying for Australia and even contemplating if there is anything he could do, perhaps coming and helping reach the lost.

David Owusu Ansah, one of those who attended the course, was so keen to use his training that he started preaching to prostitutes in the evenings!  So far he’s managed to rescue over 20 women from the sex industry who gave their lives to Christ.  They are now being housed in a local church and have entered AE’s Women’s Rehabilitation Program where they are learning vocational skills and learning about God’s word.

African Enterprise is committed to helping train Godly leadership and equipping church ministers to be faithful to the Gospel.

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